How it Works


At checkout select Yes for Store Pickup to choose your preferred store. Follow the prompts to complete the Store Pickup requirements.


Once your order is placed, wait for the text notification confirming your order is ready to be picked up.


Head to the store to pick up your order. We'll have it ready to go when you arrive!
Shop and add products to your shopping bag as you always have. During checkout select ‘Yes' for Store Pickup to search and choose the store you’d like to pick up from. Once your order has been placed you will receive an order confirmation email, followed by a text message notifying that your order is ready to be picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Store Pickup available for all Evereve stores?


What is the difference between find in store and store pickup?

Find in Store allows you to see if the specific item you’re looking at (down to size and color ) is available at a store based on your search criteria. The results from Find in Store will allow you to preview what items currently qualify for Store Pickup orders. Looking up item availability using Find in Store will not automatically add them to your shopping bag or designate the items for Store Pickup. Choosing Store Pickup for your order happens during checkout.

Can my order have items for both store pickup and shipment in it?

Currently not at this time. Items in your order must all be eligible for Store Pickup. Otherwise, items can be shipped to you. The Store Pickup checkout process will let you know if your order qualifies for Store Pickup based on the items and store selected.

where do i choose which store i'd like to pick up from?

During checkout, there will be a prompt asking if you’d like to use Store Pickup. Select Yes.
Enter your zip code, select a radius, and click ‘Check Stores’ to search for your preferred store.
The dropdown will show stores that match your search criteria.
From the dropdown select a store.

How do i know if my order qualifies for store pickup?

Once a store is selected in checkout you can see item availability. Currently, all items must be available at the chosen store in order to complete a Store Pickup order. If not all items are available, additional information and options are provided for how to complete your order.

How do i know i've placed a store pickup order?

During checkout, you would have changed Store Pickup from No to Yes, selected a store, and seen that all items were available at the selected store.
If the above steps were taken and the checkout allowed you to proceed to the billing page and complete your order, then you’ve successfully placed a Store Pickup order.
You can confirm you’ve placed a Store Pickup order by referencing your order confirmation email. The shipping address will be the store’s address rather than your address.

How will i know my store pickup is ready?

You’ll receive a text notification when your order is ready to be picked up.

Where should I pick up my Store Pickup order?

Your order will be waiting for you in the store. Come in and tell a store stylist that you're in to pick up an order and they'll get it for you.

How long do I have to pick up my Store Pickup Order?

In the event that the Store Pickup order hasn’t been picked up in 7 days after receiving your confirmation, the order will be canceled and a full refund will be issued.