Real Talk: Summer Travel!

Quick Hits: Real Talk: Summer Travel!

Heidi and Ash are back with one of your most-requested topics: summer travel style! And who better to chat travel capsules than our Fashion Director and Director of Styling, who are packing pros. Whether you're keeping it local or traveling abroad, follow along as they share exactly what you need. Tell us, where are your summer travels taking you?
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0:00all right welcome to real talk when we0:01stop being nice and we start getting0:04real I love that throwback by the way0:06all right so as many of you know we0:08asked a bunch of questions not so long0:10ago about what is on your mind and what0:12you need to get dressed for and we heard0:14overwhelmingly that you are traveling0:16the summer and you do not know what to0:19wear let's start literally from the top0:22perfect okay first one great basic white0:25tea everybody needs one super versatile0:28wear it with any bottom you pack and hot0:30tip forget your pajamas this comes0:32through in a pinch another white tea but0:35a tank love this one for a little bit0:36less coverage also really great as a0:39layer underneath some of your other0:41pieces speaking of layers amazing open0:43weave beachy sweater cool nights little0:46bit of coverage when you're walking0:47through and strolling all those does0:49great little basic throw it over your0:50shoulder also really great all right now0:52we're going to break it down whether0:53you're going domestic or internationally0:56some really fun pieces that will be0:57great in each suitcase shorts I'm just1:00picking a short that's a little more1:02dressed up the secret sauce in both of1:04these though tons of stretch and I love1:06that you have a belt with yours just1:08something if you need it elevated a1:09little bit you're headed out for dinner1:10you want to be more pulled together that1:12belt is going to create shape and also1:13make you look polished fantastic this is1:15so fun it's like a reveal I know okay so1:18I'm picking a lightweight open weave1:20sweater this acts like a simple tank but1:23I think just turns Up the Volume a1:24little bit more I love the idea of1:26pairing this back to that great Chino1:27short or back to that fun beachy pant1:30how about you all right great little1:32core basic tank and super lightweight1:34for any of that heat you're going to and1:35this is our bestselling tank for May1:37back in a new stripe what about some1:39coverage many a day you have a little1:41bit too much sun on the shoulders you1:42need something that gives you a little1:44bit more coverage this tea is telling1:46you your sunkiss playful graphic but1:48again getting that comfortability and1:50that knit and then grabbing this from1:51pistola a really fun stripe button down1:54now I would wear this buttoned up or1:56layer that tank underneath leave it open1:58almost like a lightweight jacket yeah1:59actually a great fun little beach cover2:01up too grabbit so cheap okay you can't2:03travel without a dress this is a new2:05ever silhouette easy breezy bra friendly2:08two colors classic black can take you2:10all the places good black dress or a2:12dark dress in general for travel is so2:15important doesn't show any stains or2:16wrinkles I love this from Michael Stars2:18it's a woven but easy breezy so perfect2:21for a hot day now for something a little2:23bit more elevated that great go-to dress2:25this dress is fantastic one of the2:28reasons I love it dress it up dress it2:29down2:30super Breezy I'm adding a belt to this2:32so you can kind of mix and match your2:34look a little bit waist detail and again2:37light as air gangs no matter how hot it2:39is it's a no-brainer super similar with2:42this amazing ever dress loving this in2:44the cham color great rushing and2:46smocking so it just gives with you no2:48matter what you're doing easy breezy2:50throw a layer Over the Top If you need2:52to but this is going to be a winner last2:54but not least let's talk about2:56accessories everyone needs a great hat2:59they do okay so domestically here in the3:02states I love a great trucker3:04hat here in the states Route 66 oh my3:09God okay so I'm going to pack something3:11that is no joke a packable hat crush it3:14throw it in your bag doesn't get3:15destroyed but always looks so she can3:17put together how fun is that right I3:19know and I'm not even a hat girl but I'm3:21going to wear this one you should be a3:21hat girl you look great keep your hats3:23neutal because then it goes with every3:25single look I love that okay now let's3:26talk about Footwear this summer it's all3:28about fashion meets function great3:31Birkenstock does all the things fun3:34little sneaker so you can walk all the3:35places I love both of these because3:37they're so easy to walk in and also for3:40that plane I don't like my toes exposed3:42so having a great sneaker that is3:43functional and fashionable is so fun crw3:46can you take us with you please please3:48please take us with you have a great3:50trip hope this gave you some good ideas3:51a little more real talk and we'll see3:53you next time travel safe

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