Real Talk:  5 Trends for March

Quick Hits: Real Talk: 5 Trends for March

Our favorite girlfriends, Heidi, EVEREVE's Fashion Director, and Ash, Director of Styling, are back and chatting about alllll the things with their new series, Real Talk. In this episode, they dish on the top five items you need this month! Let them know what you're loving for spring and what you want them to chat about next.
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0:00okay we have things to talk about we0:01have a lot to talk about we're going to0:03cover real trends for real life gang and0:05we're going to start right here right0:07now with March the five things you need0:09for March coming up all right Trend0:11number one Stripes little bit of coastal0:13influence here so lots and lots of blue0:15but also some new ways to do it yes0:17check out this dress fun new colors0:19within the stripe a little mix and0:20matching and then one of my favorites0:22talk about a set in a stripe how fun0:25next up we're calling this everyday0:26icons for a reason these are the staple0:29Workhorse pieces in your closet0:31bestelling Serena tank back in stock0:34love the ribbing so versatile and a0:36great way to do this too in a dress0:39dress you have vacation coming up this0:41needs to be in your suitcase it does and0:43it's $78 how can you pass it up maybe0:45two colors all right utility loving it0:48in this great little utility bottom she0:50just more polished but yet relaxed at0:52the same time this Joel back and for new0:54colors and utility not in a jacket but0:56actually in a shirt that feels fresh and0:58new I know something a little bit more1:00upd casual but yet really polished last1:02but not least modeling it head to toe1:06all about the denim on denim on denim on1:08denim but what's new cuz there's so many1:10new things we were talking about this1:12being like kind of your hybrid travel1:14pant feels a little utility and then1:17pairing it back to a jacket it's like a1:18fun little matching set a more elevated1:20way I'm loving the idea of denim more in1:22this dressier blouse you could be going1:25out you could be going to work it's just1:26taking that really casual fabric but1:28putting in an ad updated silhouette1:30the one and done this is not heavy it is1:32not stiff and it has a whole bunch of1:34stretch statement maker I feel like1:35every spring every transition in the1:37season you're ready for something new in1:39accessories1:40fashion1:43fun function awesome new flatform1:46platform Footwear this texture and1:48interest is really what makes all of1:50these looks elevated and stepped up just1:54one more Notch okay there's the five get1:56them while you can cuz they're going1:58like hotcakes happy March

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