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It's July, or as we call it: sweat season. It may be hot, hot, hot but life—and fashion—must go on, so Heidi (our Fashion Director) and Ash (Director of Styling) are back with some great outfit ideas to keep you looking cool during this steamy month.
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0:00welcome to Real Talk where we talk about0:02it when it's hot out when you run out of0:05deodorant what do you wear when you sck0:07to all your seats you get up real real0:11talk when people stop being nice and we0:15start getting sweaty real sweaty like0:18July at 2:00 p.m. middle of the month0:22sweaty so hot the idea of actually0:25putting on clothes sounds painful but0:27we're going to help you get dressed and0:28look Chic and put together so I call0:31this the naked dress and why I love a0:33good naked dress in summer is not0:35because it's so bare but because it0:36barely touches your body I want0:38something that grazes you in all the0:39ways this is from Z Supply super Airy0:42adjustable spaghetti straps throw it on0:44and go I'm just wearing my go-to cut0:46offs that number one feel so comfortable0:48they fit my body has room through the0:50legs cuz I always feel like right there0:52is where just really hot and sweaty and0:54then this barely bare lightweight tank0:56top I love that I have coverage so I can0:57wear whatever bra I want to that feels1:00comfortable and then that lighter1:01neutral color so it doesn't show the1:03sweat stains okay let's talk about the1:05three things you need to get you through1:06the high heat okay number one a skirt1:10whether you do it in a denim or I love1:12this great little kind of stretch Chino1:14easy one to pair back to a tank awes one1:16and done speaking of Tanks speaking of1:18Tanks goto tops it's all about those1:22lightweight Fabrications yes really fun1:25top from State Side the weight on this1:27is so easy breezy if you need to elev1:30just a little bit something with a1:31little bit more of a linen or a Gau1:33blend like this cloth and stone and I1:34love that it has that band at bottom1:36gives you the look of tucking without1:38the heat of having to tuck something in1:40so smart and last but not least you that1:42go-to dress okay let's break them down1:45love this for your weekend Runar around1:47it's got some waist detail but not tight1:50and a little bit shorter which here for1:52that talk about Breezy that's so fun and1:55you know what El I love a little bit of1:56coverage on the sleeve now everybody1:58loves to expose their arms for sure you2:00want a little bit of like airiness this2:01one has a great little cap sleeve just2:03to give you a little bit of coverage2:04okay and let's get real it's July you're2:05going to get invited to something that2:07requires you to dress up just a little2:09bit this is the dress for you so this is2:11from Michael stars and you told me I2:13thought this was so fabulous this has2:14got a linen blend to it so you're going2:16to have some nice breathable action2:19going on here a great little2:21asymmetrical hem not only is going to2:23create some great shape within the body2:24but again give you that ease and Breeze2:26and that touch of coolness that you need2:28yes we're going to sweat so let's just2:30embrace it right I don't know maybe look2:32cute doing it I would love that I know2:34one of these days I'll be a glistener2:36not a sweater but not this summer here's2:38the happy shimmery

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